Size Guides

Because our products are all handmade the sizes of every individual item may vary slightly. 

Over the Collar Design:

All of our bandana openings fit standard size collars.  

The measurement below is the length that slips over the collar (not your pet's neck size).  The collar will be approximately 3/4 covered.  

Extra Small:  18 – 20cm

Small:  23 – 25cm

Medium:  28 – 30cm

Large:  33 – 35cm

X-Large:  38 – 40cm

We recommend  measuring your pet's collar.  If you have any queries about the best size for your pet, we are more than happy to help out and answer any questions you may have .   


Tie Up Bandana Design:

This measurement refers to the longest length that ties up around your pet's neck. Due to the tie up design the Bandana is very adjustable to perfectly suit each pet.   

Small:  56 – 58cm

Medium:  66 – 68cm

Large:  76 – 78cm

We recommend measuring your pet's collar and allow for slack at the front and extra length for tie up (this can take up a couple of inches). 

If you require a custom size Bandana, please contact us and we can easily meet your requirements.


Bow Tie:

Our bow ties slip over your pet's collar with two elastisized loops at the rear.   

Small:  10 x 6cm

Medium:  12 x 8cm

Large:  14 x 8cm


Sailor Bow:

 Our sailor Bows slip over your pet's collar with two elastisized loops at the rear. 

Extra Small:  9.5 x 8.5cm

Small: 10 x 10cm

Medium:  14 x 14cm

Large:  17 x 16.5cm

As each Sailor Bow is handmade there is some variance in the size of each bow, however, I do try and keep them as uniform as possible. 



Please read our size guide below and measure your dog around the neck (collar), girth (behind front legs) and length (along the back from back of neck to hind legs).  Please do not hesitate to email us your measurements so we can give you advice and guidance as to what size will be best suited to you, or to completely customise a different size to suit your pet. 




Neck:  14.5 - 18.5cm

Girth:  24 - 28cm

Length:  19 - 23cm



Neck:  17 - 21cm

Girth:  27 - 32cm

Length:  21 - 27cm



Neck:  19 - 23cm

Girth:  31 - 35.5cm

Length:  22.5 - 29cm




Neck:  20.5 - 25cm

Girth:  34 - 38.5cm

Length:  26 - 30cm



Neck:  23.5 - 28cm

Girth:  38.5 - 44cm

Length:  28 - 33cm



Neck:  26 - 30.5cm

Girth:  42.5 - 48.5cm

Length:  31 - 35.5Cm



Neck:  31 - 35.5cm

Girth:  48.5 - 54.5cm

Length:  35.5 - 40.5cm