About Us

The Story Behind Me and Boston Hound Co.

Put simply, I love the feeling that creativity gives me.  Having an idea in my mind and then seeing it come to life gives me such a buzz.

I work full time in the corporate world but need an outlet for my crafty side.  I have previously operated a successful couture cake business.  Unfortunately with cakes everything is in such a strict timeframe and with a busy Monday to Friday life already, as the business grew, sleep was out of the question from about Wednesday through to last cake pick up on Sunday so I made the hard decision to close my cake business.  For a little while I enjoyed all the extra time on my hands.   (My husband suggested I possibly filled that extra time with retail therapy....but we tend to ignore him when he says these things).

With all that extra time we thought it was the right time to add to our family.  Whilst our parents were hoping for another grandchild we had other plans.  Those plans involved meeting many little puppies until we found “the one”.  We instantly knew we were becoming a  family of 4. Louis was perfect.

Louis becoming the 4th member of our family started our venture into the pet accessories world.  It started with me making him bows and Bandanas.... and more bows and more bandanas to the point that he had a bigger wardrobe that try rest of the family combined.  I had that crafty outlet I had been craving since closing the cake business and I loved it!  

There are only so many bows and bandanas one small dog can own and I wanted to continue to create, so, Boston Hound Co was born.  

Our key focus is delivering you well made, eye catching products that are also affordable. 

Because our products are made to order, if you require something outside of the size guides provided we can easily meet your request. 

With the exception of a few items our staple ingredient (well apart from love of course) is Cotton.  Cotton has many benefits, some of the most important being:

  • Cotton made accessories and clothing are Hypoallergenic therefore reducing any chance of irritation to your loved one.
  • Cotton is a natural fiber. 
  • Cotton is considered one of the most durable fabrics and less likely to tear.  Cotton can withstand frequent washing, and is 30% stronger when wet (for when the days at the park include jumping in puddles).  
  • Cotton is breathable.  It absorbs moisture away from the body.  Studies have shown that cotton can absorb one fifth of its weight before being considered damp.

We all love change and variety, so we make it a priority to keep on the lookout for new patterns and are do our best to add a little something new regularly.

All of our accessories are hand-made to order in Australia.   Because our products are made to order we have a turn around time of approximately 4-5 working days from when we receive your order until we ship it.  Of course we aim to get your order out Within a day or two but sometimes we need a little extra time depending on workflow. 

We hope you and your dog love our range as much as we do. 

Boston Hound Co.